Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles, our passion and the most environmentally friendly mode of transport available, if you are investigating this opportunity and need good sound advice talk to Red Electrical today.



Electrical Vehicles Christchurch

Scott, Founder and Director of RED Electrical is passionate about the future of electric cars, hence owns EVIE (as she is affectionately known by Scott’s three sons) – the entire family love driving in her with her non-noisy and smooth running. No smelly petrol stops – just arrive home and plug her in, which incidentally the boys take turns in doing as so safe and simple.

While it will still be some time away before we are all driving in electric vehicles Christchurch, it will happen as daily more and more people are investing in this so easy to drive and environmentally friendly mode of transport. As you may already be aware the Christchurch City Council has provided electric vehicles Christchurch for HIRE and are based in separate locations in the City – a policy similar to the Rent A Bike scheme.

Worldwide there is change and RED Electrical predicts within 10 years there will be a huge shift away from fossil-fuelled vehicles to those which are electric powered. RED Electrical is preparing for the change of electric vehicles Christchurch through keeping abreast with new policies and requirements – already the Company has installed private power charger outlets plus is working alongside Meridian in the installation of the super charge outlets you are now seeing popping up over the city and outlying districts.

RED Electrical is excited about being involved in the early stages of this historical change and is here to assist any of you who are considering an electric vehicle purchase and power outlet requirement for Electric Vehicles Christchurch.

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