Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump Service


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When debris builds up, efficiency drops, health is affected and your units lifespan shortens.

To keep your heat pump running 100%, you should have it serviced once a year by a professional.

Our professional technicians will provide you with a completed check list:

  • Check and clean the indoor and outdoor filters
  • Check the drains
  • Check fan operation
  • Check wiring, contacts and tighten terminals
  • Check indoor thermostat operation
  • Check defrost operation
  • Check motor amps and voltage
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor unit covers
  • Clean indoor unit coil
  • Straighten indoor & outdoor fans
  • Check refrigerant levels in heating and cooling
  • Check indoor coil temperatures in heating and cooling

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  1. admin_redelectrical

    good in price range but cheap quality

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