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Splashing out on gifts isn’t just a joy for the intended recipient; it is also delightfully tempting for burglars. For this reason, it’s worth considering simple steps to help protect your property. In this article, we focus on the part that security lighting can play in keeping your home safe.

Lighting Installation

We know that a home that appears occupied is less tempting to burglars. At this time of year, it gets dark before many people return from work. Effective use of lighting systems can make it appear as if someone is home, even when you are out.

Using Timer Switches or App Controls to Light up your Home

Your internal lighting system can be activated, even when you are not home. The use of timer switches on lamps means they will automatically turn on at a set time each day. You can change the time, so your lamps come on at 3.55pm in mid-winter, but alter this as the evenings begin to get lighter.

There are now options to remotely control your heating and lighting using a mobile app. If you have this set up on your device, then you can put the lights on at different times each day. This option means you can avoid arriving back to a dark, chilly home. It also makes it appear as though someone is in, which acts as a deterrent.

Installing Security Lighting

In addition to switching on interior lights, you may also want to install exterior security lighting for your property.

Exterior Lights

Some exterior lights can be switched on from inside the house. This puts you in control, offering a view of the garden or driveway when you want it. This can provide reassurance. If you hear a noise, you can check out what’s going on outside; an intruder, or more commonly, the neighbour’s cat knocking something over!

Motion Activated Security Lighting

Motion activated systems are a common form of exterior security lighting. As the name suggests, these come on when movement is detected. This can alert you or your neighbours to a potential issue. When we are asked to install security lighting we like to advise customers on the optimum position. Whilst security lighting does increase the risk of burglars being seen, it can also help them by illuminating the area. For this reason, it is important to consider where the lights leave them exposed to passing traffic and vigilant neighbours, as well as you.

Flood Lights

Flood lighting is widely used on larger properties, sports grounds, construction sites, rural farms and industrial yards. It is typically accompanied by CCTV cameras and so any activity is picked up on screen. The combination of flood lighting and CCTV helps to dissuade those with ill intent.

Wall Lights

If you want to keep it simple, installing wall lights outside your doors can be effective. Wall lights give your home a welcoming appearance and make it easier for you to locate the lock and get indoors when you return home. They also offer the chance to see who is at your door before you open it.

Wall lights can be electric or solar-powered. The solar options gather sunlight during the day and activate when the natural light fades. This option doesn’t add to your electricity bill, but it is less reliable in winter months.

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