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Red Electrical takes pride in knowing we offer an industry benchmark solution. Our team understand that actual installation work forms only a minor part of what our clients love about our service levels.
Our Champion Canterbury Business Award-winning combination of leveraged technology, effective communication and friendly faces, ensures a seamless relationship that our client’s desire when hiring an electrician.
Just like yourselves, we are consumers of a multitude of goods and services, and this means we share your pain points at seeing something you like but not getting a straight answer on how much it costs.
When an electrical problem occurs, the priority is to get it fixed. Pricing, however, comes a close second because you want to get a fair price for the electrical work.
The first question to ask is how much will it cost to hire an electrician?
Charge out rates for electricians in Christchurch vary depending on factors including accreditation, expertise and service level abilities.
Electricity can effortlessly kill you if done wrong, so why would you risk using an electrician just because he or she is the cheapest?
Surely you would pick one that has been recommended to you or comes with the qualifications and backing of a reputable company that has the resources, knowledge and experience to give you what you pay for and at a fair and reasonable price.
A cheaper electrician only has to arrive unprepared or not be confident in what they are doing and you are paying a higher price.
We are Master Electricians and leverage technology to ensure we understand your requirements before our arrival.
Our team regularly attend refresher and first aid courses and are highly competent in what they do. They also go to seminars, and trade shows to keep up with the latest things on the market so they can advise you on what is new and what works.
All our vans carry the correct testing equipment and parts required for most jobs.
For obvious reasons, you don’t go to the cheapest doctor or the mechanic with a cluttered workshop.
I hope this helps you when you come to choose your electrical professional.

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