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Convenience is a primary motivator in modern society. Smart home technology offers a convenient means of controlling lighting and other electrical devices at the touch of a button, all possible thanks to our smart home technology installation.

Consider how the remote control has made it easier to switch channels on the television, search for programmes, or pause your favourite show. Smart home technology works in a similar way to switch on and off, or dim your lighting. What’s more, you don’t need to even be at home in order to take control.

Benefits of Smart Lighting Controls

Red Electrical are registered engineers for a variety of automation platforms. We have the expertise to install this advanced smart technology in new builds. We can also retrofit systems into existing properties, but what are the advantages of lighting controls?

Enhanced Home Security with Smart Technology Installation

Structured lighting systems will provide an app, which enables you to switch lights on and off, even when you are far from home. If you frequently work away from home or arrive back late, this gives the appearance that someone is in. As such, lighting controls help your home to become less of an obvious target for criminals.

A Warm Welcome

No matter when you walk through the door, you home can feel more welcoming if the lights are on. The impact of lighting controls is especially evident during the dark winter months.

Changing the Ambience at the Touch of a Button

When you are home, smart lighting controls allow you to select the lighting option that fits the mood. By switching from the main lights to subtle uplighters or lamps, you can create a more relaxing ambience without leaving the table at dinner parties.

Energy Saving with Smart Lighting Controls

Smart lighting controls enable you to see if lights have been left on in other parts of the house. You can easily switch them off, without needing to head up a flight of stairs. In this way, you can reduce energy use and the cost of utility bills.

Certified KNX Lighting Solution Engineers – Ensuring Professional Smart Home Technology Installation

In new builds, a wired lighting solution is generally recommended. In existing properties, there may be restrictions which mean that wireless technology is more appropriate. Red Electrical offer both wired and wireless options, which can be interconnected, making it possible to find the ideal option for every property.

Red Electrical

has the technical understanding to plan a system that takes into account your requirements and the layout of your property. We will order the control panels, interfaces and accessories that apply to your system and provide full installation and support. In some cases, you may need the lighting controls to be integrated with third-party systems and we can set up such requirements.

Smart lighting controls can be installed into business premises, as well as domestic settings. If you would like to arrange a meeting to better understand what’s involved, get in touch with Christchurch based

Red Electrical


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