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The switchboard (or fuse board) is the hub of any electrical installation. The switchboard is designed to separate individual electrical circuits, often known as sub-mains.

Not only does the switchboard distribute the incoming supply to smaller circuits, it also has many safety devices giving the user complete protection against direct or in-direct contact with electricity, and also against fire. However, this is only when the switchboard is up to date and in line with the latest regulations. In New Zealand it was not compulsory to have RCD protection until 2000. Therefore many homes still have outdated switchboards with old rewire-able fuses installed, which generally offer little or no protection against contact with electricity. A replacement switch board installation would improve both safety and electrical efficiency.

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Switchboard Installation

Today, modern fuse boxes are fire rated, which are a must-have for fuse boards installed under a wooden staircase or in emergency exit routes, such as hallways. We can advise based on the location of your fuse board installation.

A modern switchboard is fitted with residual current devices (RCD) which provides additional protection to your property. They are fitted with miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) which give protection to each individual circuit within your home, meaning no more fuse wire to replace in the dark when the lights blow! 

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